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Young woman typing a text message on mobile phone

SMS will remain as an important messaging service in 5G. SMSoIP is used for VoLTE and VoNR devices and SMS over NAS is used for IoT use cases like device triggering, IoT location SIM OTA activation & provisioning and interworking with legacy networks.

In fact, with the significant uptake of 5G IoT devices, SMS subscriptions are expected to grow. To meet this projected demand, Ericsson Messaging solution offers both SMSoIP gateway for 5G (EMe) and virtualized SMS/MMS Center (MiO) to facilitate modernization of legacy SMS systems.


Evolution of mobile messaging

As a rich communication solution that aims to evolve mobile messaging, RCS Business Messaging increases and improves the ways in which people and businesses communicate. It also delivers brands the opportunity to increase their customer engagement by making use of business messaging enabled by chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI).

SMS service for Wi-Fi calling

Our SMSoIP solution enables SMS/MMS services in Wi-Fi calling scenarios. With Wi-Fi calling, consumers can use their smartphones’ SMS/MMS services while using Wi-Fi access and existing mobile phone numbers. This is beneficial to users suffering from poor residential cellular coverage as well as those roaming.

Included portfolio
Enriched Messaging

Enables the smooth evolution of existing SMS and MMS services toward IP-communication infrastructure.

Messaging in One

Enables service providers to offer traditional messaging services when evolving their networks.