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Messaging in One


Our Ericsson Messaging in One (MiO) solution enables service providers to continue to offer the needed traditional messaging services in a cost-effective manner as they evolve their networks towards cloud infrastructure and 5G.

SMS will remain as an important messaging channel in 5G, addressing required use cases like 5G IoT device triggering, SIM OTA activation & provisioning and interworking with legacy networks. In fact, with the significant uptake of 5G IoT devices, SMS subscriptions are expected to grow. Similarly, voicemail will continue to be the main call completion solution for a 5G subscriber unable or unavailable to answer a call. To meet this projected demand, MiO offers a wide range of feature-rich traditional messaging products and introduces new, innovative messaging features (like MiO Smart Voicemail and SMS Firewall) to drive usage growth and achieve...


Increased competitiveness

The combination of standard messaging services on a common cloud platform pre-integrated with key network elements significantly reduces capital expenditure (CapEx), operational costs (OpEx) and risk on the deployment project.

Differentiation of offerings

By leveraging the reliability and rich feature sets available in MiO, service providers can provide subscribers with compelling reasons to continue to depend on their messaging solutions and drive churn rates down, with the goal remaining to help subscribers rely on ubiquitous & highly available traditional messaging services.

Drive in new revenues

Messaging is a highly competitive space, and new, advanced features are key to business growth. Features such as Smart Voicemail and advanced missed call notification continue to lead to an increase in call completion and call back levels.