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NGIN Application Suite


Driven by a broad range of factors; consumer behavior is changing. Be it new technology finding its way to them in the form of new devices or be it new services, it is driving consumers to find their preferred way to communicate.

Value Added Services continue to be an important source of revenue for operators, consumer and enterprise offerings alike. Ericsson NGIN Application Suite extends the opportunities to grow revenue through an enriched communication experience and supported business model innovation.

NGIN Application Suite provides a range of new and innovative service applications implemented on Ericsson Communication Solution Server platform.


New services, new revenue

The Ericsson NGIN Application Suite enables the operator to grow subscriber revenue with new business opportunities, extend proven business in new network domains or strongly reduce costs on existing service applications.

Enabling service continuity into IMS / VoLTE

The strengths of the NGIN Applications include options to deploy applications in network convergent environments and allow for cost efficient co-location on a single platform. The use of common interfaces ensures easy integration with the operator's network and business environment. The operator will be able to evolve his core Value Added Services seamlessly into IMS environments.

Business continuity

Operators using Ericsson NGIN applications can rely on a range of life cycle management services, ensuring them with continuity of their business based on optimal availability and upgradability of these applications.