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Regulatory Products


Our Regulatory Products ensure that telecommunication service providers are compliant with lawful interception requirements, as defined by international standards for public networks, protecting legally mandated operations in a cost-efficient and secure way.

The Ericsson Lawful Interception supports telecommunication service providers to deliver, to law enforcement agencies (LEAs), relevant information which is used to investigate serious criminal offenses. It is designed to intercept only subscribers for whom a legal authorization by relevant LEA exists.

The key characteristics of the Ericsson Lawful Interception are:

  • undetectable interception not affecting subscriber services
  • protection of sensitive information
  • high-level security, including supply and services

Our Lawful Interception includes the Ericsson LI-IMS and LMISF products.


The Ericsson Lawful Interception - Interception Management System (LI-IMS) is a centralized lawful interception system for mediation and delivery of intercepted data to relevant LEAs.


The Ericsson Lawful Interception Mirror IMS State Function (LMISF) supports telecommunication service providers in their compliance with the lawful interception obligation for the VoLTE inbound roamers communications enabled by their networks.

Provided that S8 Home Routing (S8HR) architecture is used between the roamed network (visited network) and the subscribers home network, LMISF sends the intercepted data to LI-IMS for data mediation and delivery to the relevant LEAs.

A standardized function in the Serving Gateway (S-GW), part of the Evolved Packet Gateway (EPG), is a required function interfacing LMISF.

For further information, please contact your local Ericsson office.