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Cloud Network Exposure


Participating in a successful partner ecosystem is the best way to seize the IoT and device exposure opportunities emerging alongside the programmable telecom network. However, to participate, you must grant those partners access to your network. To grant that access in a way that is both convenient and secure, Ericsson Core Network Exposure solutions provide standardized and Ericsson innovative APIs to expose an operator’s key 4G and 5G core network capabilities to their ecosystem partners.

In addition, Ericsson offers the Secure Entitlement Server ( SES), a carrier-grade solution that is to meet the evolving needs of CSP entitlement server solutions. With over 10 years of innovation and deployment, SES is the most widely used carrier-grade entitlement server in the world, offering all necessary features and deployment options to meet any CSP's time-to-market...


Monetize your network:

Opening network capabilities to a partner ecosystem opens new revenue streams for mobile network operators that are willing to collaborate with partners on new service packages.

Secure access to your network assets:

Ensure that your network assets remain secure while allowing the partners in your ecosystem to innovate and influence network behaviors.

Remove network complexity:

Enable developers to focus on the service they want to provide their customers instead of managing the complexity of the network.

Included portfolio
Cloud Core Exposure Server

Securely expose and monetize your core network capabilities to external parties via APIs.

Ericsson Network Location

Our location platform built for the future use cases of 5G and IoT, covering all mobile networks

Secure Entitlement Server

Secure Entitlement Server interacts with the device and initiates provisioning in the operator’s network.

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