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Cloud Core Exposure Server


Ericsson Cloud Core Exposure Server is a cloud native core network exposure function in Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core offering.
It is based on a full set of standard APIs for both 4G and 5G networks (catered to by 3GPP NEF and SCEF standards) empowered by advanced capabilities for edge exposure. The Ericsson solution is also equipped with an API management module to browse and discover APIs, to create your own “service APIs” (based on the composition of standard ones), and to expose them to partners and application functions in a controlled and secure way.

Leveraging this, service providers can easily offer application developers and enterprises a wide set of capabilities to manage and control communications to and from their connected IoT devices, hiding the complexity of network systems in the middle and enabling new use cases previously unattainable.

Ericsson Cloud Core Exposure Server provides means for service providers to effectively monetize their network assets. By creating a structured collaboration with the ecosystem of partners and developers, they will have the ability to sell innovative service APIs capable of addressing unique use cases and generating new opportunities for the industry in terms of new services and advanced automation.
Ericsson Cloud Core Exposure Server’s new offering for edge specific enriched API is addressed via Edge Exposure server functionality. Edge Exposure Server provides simplified and feature enrichments service APIs for edge applications. It also addresses edge application discovery.
CCES can be deployed as a full API Gateway and management or can work with existing service provider API Gateway and management operations.