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Ericsson Network Location


For more than 20-years, Ericsson has provided market leading positioning solutions to operators throughout the world. Built on this experience and technology leadership, Ericsson Network Location is our new modern location platform built to answer the needs of 5G and IoT location use cases.


For all positioning needs

Flexibility for any kind of location use cases thanks to a wide range of 3GPP standard based positioning technologies complemented with Ericsson unique positioning technologies such as Radio Dot positioning, AECID fingerprinting and location data streaming.

For all networks

Provides regulatory as well as commercial positioning capabilities in any network: GSM, WCDMA, LTE, CAT-M, 5G as well as IMS - all may be served by one Ericsson Network Location deployment.

Proven solution for the future

More than 20 years of location know-how and experiences collected from our +100 customer base has been incorporated in Ericsson Network Location, which is built to cater for the future use cases coming with 5G, internet of things and cloud deployments.