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Core and Cloud Consulting


Ericsson Consulting advisory services have developed and refined effective tools, methodologies and knowledge-based assets in key domains by working with leading CSPs worldwide. This allows us to support our customer’s pursuit of the necessary transformation to capture new business opportunities.

Capabilities such as Cloud, 5G and IoT are fundamental in developing new opportunities, opening up new ecosystems and business models for our customers. The ongoing 5G adoption is further revolutionizing the ways CSPs need to think of their business. While 5G offers higher frequencies, higher speeds and other new and improved features, it also enables operators to offer new services such as IoT, connected devices, etc. This is no longer in the realm of vision documents, across the world, leading operators are launching or piloting offerings around drones, AR/VR, Smart factories and more. An additional dimension is that 5G is Cloud Native by design, which brings the flexibility, scale and agility the deployments require to service innovative business use cases. As such in the 5G era, telecom operators can lead innovation alongside the big tech companies and can now truly transform to a next-gen Digital Service Provider for both consumer and enterprise segments.

Ericsson’s tailored advisory services provide the business, technical and operational support needed to create and implement impactful transformation plans that maximize network capabilities and performance to meet ever-demanding business and customer requirements. We can support a complete journey, empowering teams to cost-effectively deliver all required services to customers while enhancing competitiveness and reducing business risks.

"Your roadmap to 5G video"

How Ericsson Consulting can help CSP’s

Our advisory services address the full lifecycle of a CSP’s transformation needs in tackling the key challenges they are facing, including the strategy and planning stages but also following through with implementation support to ensure the change is successful.

Following is a selection of upcoming challenges for CSP’s as 5G, IoT and Cloud services are developed and deployed along with how Ericsson Consulting can help support the CSP’s in addressing them.

5G/IoT Use case assessment and Enterprise enablement

5G is a quantum leap forward in terms of connectivity capabilities, providing cutting edge flexibility to address a tremendous variety of use cases and scenarios. Such scenarios will include B2C services: FWA, eMBB, and enhanced capabilities such as home security, AR/VR or video consumption.

It will also include Enterprise, B2B and B2B2C opportunities, many focused on IoT scenarios, like asset or cargo tracking, remote machine operation, autonomous guided vehicles, or smart metering across verticals such as logistics, oil & gas, utilities, manufacturing, mining, ports, airports, transportation, retail, e-health etc. In addition, a range of Private Network models can be considered to address the specific needs of enterprise customers in areas such as security, reliability and performance.

CSP’s need to prioritize and establish a clear plan to capture business in the right fashion, minimizing risks by identifying the key segments and phasing the technology evolution and the required investments.

Ericsson Consulting provides the required support to take these decisions, involving business, technology and strategic aspects in the process.

Network Slicing Strategy and Design

The evolution from 3G to 4G provided a remarkable contribution for big tech giants (FAAMG) to disrupt mobile use and change the user behavior connected to a mobile network. Majority of the value/growth was captured at the device & app ends as mobile networks continued to be optimized for only one set of service characteristics with high volumes. The service creators have been taking over a relevant portion of digitalization and other emergent markets, while CSPs have remained relegated as connectivity providers and have not evolved in a way to monetize the infrastructure beyond network neutrality.

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