Analytics and Assurance

Gain actionable insights about customer experience and customer needs that can guide offer creation and targeting, operational priorities and network investments.

Analytics and Assurance Overview

Intense competition, rapid innovation, and increased customer demands mean that attracting and retaining customers has never been so challenging.  Service providers must be able to measure and understand the experience they are delivering, in order to take action to delight customers.

Analytics and Assurance delivers a holistic approach to understanding how networks and devices are performing, how and where services are being used, and what customers think about their experience.

Ericsson’s real-time, cross-domain, big data analytics offerings leverage network events, detailed location information, probe metrics, OSS/BSS, and other data to provide actionable insights that guide both customer-facing and network facing actions that can drive improved customer experience, support personalization, and enable Omnichannel interaction, resulting in improved customer retention and increased ARPU.

Leverage actionable insights to deliver a superior customer experience

With rising customer expectations, demanding services, and complex networks, it is critical that service providers understand what customers want and deliver it with quality.  Choose Ericsson’s Analytics and Assurance to obtain real time insights that guide all marketing, operations and investment decisions that impact the customer experience.

Our range of products
Expert Analytics

Improve customer experiences and drive revenue with a real-time, end-to-end telecom analytics solution.

Ericsson Network IQ Statistics

Identifying bottlenecks and targeting investments helps operators maintain good service quality.

Mobile Positioning System

Provides everything customers need to capture the growing demand for location-enhanced communications.

CENX Service Assurance

Visualizes service topology, and performance from disparate systems, correlated into a single view.