Ericsson Network IQ Statistics

Networks are in continuous change, and as traffic loads also change and users move over to feature-rich smartphones, it’s important to have a finger on the pulse of what exactly is happening in the networks.

Identifying potential bottlenecks early on and targeting investments for the best effect can help service providers continuously maintain a high service quality for their subscribers. With superior data-handling capabilities and flexible report generation, Ericsson Network IQ Statistics delivers precisely the information service providers need to assure positive multi-vendor network performance.


Network performance management in one product

Performance Statistics Management in multi-vendor and multi-technology environments deployed on a wide range of network technologies and data sources.

Manage complexity

ENIQ Statistics supports several data interfaces, including ASCII, XML, ASN.1.

Data transfer is usually done over a file interface or via a network element manager like Ericsson Network Manager (ENM).

Easy to administrate

The administrator utilities include all tools needed to perform administrative tasks, such as backups and restores, and no special database knowledge is required from the ENIQ Administrator.

What is Ericsson Network IQ Statistics? Using Ericsson Network IQ Statistics

Ericsson Network IQ Statistics is a performance management application for multi-vendor and multi-technology environments. It collects and processes data for use in performance reporting and resource planning, helping to increase and enhances the performance of service provider network assets.

Choose Ericsson Network IQ Statistics for:

  • An end-to-end view of network performance across multiple technologies and vendors
  • Historical trends analysis and capacity utilization
  • Off-the-shelf standard reports
  • Flexible, custom report creation for business-critical KPIs
  • Scalability for carrier-grade operations
  • The fast, efficient introduction of support for new technologies