Adaptive Inventory

Gain full visibility of network, service and application-specific resources for faster service rollouts, more accurate fulfillment, improved trouble resolution and new network efficiencies.

Downloads Links Why Use Ericsson Adaptive Inventory?

Ericsson Adaptive Inventory plays a central role in providing a new level of automation to every aspect of your operational environment that depends on accurate inventory. It has all the flexibility and functionality to be your inventory hub, helping you make the best use of your resources and capital. Consider Ericsson Adaptive Inventory if you want to:

  • See the data clearly. Use a single interface to view all of your data, even from other sources, with graphical views supplemented with more detailed tabular information.
  • Work faster. Quickly introduce services and speed order processing with up to 70% faster provisioning and 95% flow through, as reported by operators in real-world implementations.
  • Operate more efficiently. Save time and money by automating your inventory assignment and provisioning processes – including network rearrangements involving cloud and virtualized network elements.
  • Get exceptional data accuracy. Increase inventory data accuracy to 90% or better, and properly control the integrity of operational data associated with related tasks or projects.
  • Cut IT costs. Use the Extension Kit to keep solution development in-house.
  • Use all your resources. Recover stranded and lost assets, uncover unused capacity and keep track of how capacity is configured.