Discovery and Reconciliation

Discover and compare data between any two systems, and reconcile discrepancies based on your policies, with Ericsson Discovery and Reconciliation data integrity management.

What are Discovery and Reconciliation? Why Use Discovery and Reconciliation? Discovery and Reconciliation Overview

Discovery and Reconciliation compare data from various sources to keep operational data in sync with the network. It helps improve processes to prevent discrepancies from occurring in the first place. Discovery and Reconciliation features include:

  • Discovery. Discovers physical and logical network and service data, from the network or from other systems.
  • Discrepancy Analysis. Identifies discrepancies between any two systems, most frequently between network and inventory systems, along with scorecards to monitor the quality of operational data.
  • Reconciliation. Recommends and executes ways to resolve identified discrepancies.
  • Designer Studio. Enables the building of custom modules for the discovery and reconciliation between any two systems.

Discovery and Reconciliation help create an accurate view of your network so that you can harness all your resources to make service fulfillment responsive and profitable. Consider Discovery and Reconciliation for data integrity management if you want to:

  • Cut costs. Eliminate costly data cleansing procedures with an automated discovery and reconciliation process, coupled with checks and balances to ensure and maintain the integrity across your OSS/BSS.
  • Get exceptional data accuracy. Increase data accuracy to 90% or better to reduce provisioning fallout and time to repair, and to increase the overall efficiency of process automation efforts to further reduce operating expenses.
  • Use all your resources. Recover stranded and lost assets to minimize network overbuilding and thus reduce capital expenses.
  • Reduce revenue leakage. Make sure all your services are being billed for appropriately.
  • Take a non-intrusive approach. Reconcile discovered data without disrupting your existing OSS/BSS.
  • Speed time to market. Quickly enhance your data integrity management to support new services or systems with flexible customization tools.

Maintaining an accurate picture of what network resources you have — and how they are used — can be a real challenge. It is easy for network assets to get stranded, “lost,” or misidentified, and mistakes in one database usually spread to other systems, leading to inconsistencies that impact fulfillment and assurance processes.

Our Discovery and Reconciliation is a data integrity management tool that significantly improves the accuracy of network data in inventory and other OSS/BSS systems by creating a consistent view of your network, and by combining discovery with an automatic reconciliation process that can resolve all discrepancies. The product is integrated with Adaptive Inventory.