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Cloud Signaling

The rapidly growing volumes of Diameter and HTTP2 signaling are driven by increased usage of 4G/5G broadband, voice and policy control solutions. Many operators are now deploying Ericsson Signaling Controller in cloud centers and thus ensuring that their subscribers get maximum LTE, VoLTE and 5G connectivity.  

Ericsson sees that the key role of Signaling is to maximize Network's performance and throughput. This is achieved by highly resilient architecture supporting sophisticated overload handling algorithms and alternative routing in failure situations. Five out of ten of the largest mobile operators have selected Ericsson Diameter Signaling Controller as a flexible solution which is easily integrated and operated in their network.

The Ericsson Signaling Controller supports the new service based architecture 5G core network. The 3GPP defines two new network elements, the Binding Support Function (BSF) and the Service Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP). Both elements use HTTP2/REST as signaling control protocols. In addition, the Service Communication Proxy will be standardized in the 3GPP release 16. The first release of the Ericsson Signaling Controller will include a pre-rel 16 Service Communication Proxy.

Ericsson offers the following signaling applications: Ericsson Signaling Controller, Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) and  IP-Signaling Transfer Point (IP-STP). 

Start preparing for the future - Ericsson offers solid building blocks for all signaling networks!

Ericsson Mobility Report

In the latest edition of the Ericsson Mobility Report, we forecast around 6 billion VoLTE subscriptions by 2024.

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