Compact Core

An industrialized solution for deploying a full core network for mobile broadband and VoLTE in weeks. Ericsson Compact Core is an industrialized solution targeting service providers, MVNOs and mission critical networks that need a rapid and simple launch of mobile broadband, VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling for up to 300k subscribers.

Ericsson Compact Core features a verified design of 17 VNFs for User Data Management, Packet Core and IMS plus a carrier-grade network design for local redundancy and two geo-redundant sites. To make the deployment a straight-forward and predictable project, Ericsson Compact Core includes the infra-structure and an experienced delivery team that guides the customer through all preparation, deployment and acceptance activities with the purpose to make the activities both smooth and safe.

Ericsson Compact Core is ideal for a service provider that wants to deploy a full core network with mobile broadband and voice services in a single project with little risk and complexity.

Ericsson Compact Core is equally useful when a small core network is needed to address other segments. It becomes possible to experiment with fully standardized offerings to niche segments like youth, families, achievers or industries. As the existing consumer network is not affected by the configuration changes in the compact core, the new business and the existing business can move ahead at their own pace and be driven solely by their own business priorities.