Device Entitlement and Security

Device Entitlement and Security includes two offerings: 1) Ericsson eSIM solution comprising of Ericsson Secure Entitlement Server (SES) and Ericsson eSIM manager serving the onboarding of eSIM devices. This solution provides an automated end-to-end device and subscription orchestration procedure managing the detection of a device, user authorization, creation of user and subscription profile, provisioning of both eSIM device and network elements, and updating the operator’s back office system. 2) Ericsson non-SIM device support, consisting of SES and DSE-PKI, to manage the lifecycle for non-SIM devices and assigning ID, certificate for secure authentication, and VoWi-Fi connection.


Automated Onboarding of eSIM and non-SIM Devices

Manage the smooth and automated onboarding of eSIM and non-SIM devices to the network.

Multiple Entitlement Channels

Handle multiple entitlment channels and orchestration of the onboarding process.

Security Enablement Solution for Network Infrastructure

Supports security enablement solution for network infrastructure like radio, cloud etc.

Ericsson enables seamless eSIM activation for Samsung devices

Ericsson is introducing an industry first entitlement server solution for on-device eSIM subscription activation without QR-codes for smartphones – starting with Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip.

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