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Enriched Messaging

Enriched Messaging (EMe) offers a smooth evolution of existing SMS and MMS services toward IP-communication infrastructure such as IMS.

EMe is a fully virtualized, highly scalable and robust software designed for operator data center deployment.

EMe ensure a full SMS service convergence for consumers with Voice over WiFi capable phones while camping on WiFi coverage. It also provides SMS service convergence for VoLTE users in areas without CS fall-back.

EMe can also extend classical SMS and MMS service across multiple devices such as tablets, wearables and PCs with or without a SIM card. Messages can be sent and delivered from/to all devices by the means of an advanced interworking gateway.

EMe is based on open industry specifications defined by 3GPP, OMA (CPM) and GSMA (RCS, VoLTE) specifically related to messaging services over IMS.


Extend SMS reach with Voice over WiFi

EMe can extend the reach of the SMS service by utilizing the WiFi radio bearer in areas without circuit switch network.

Leverage existing investment without impacting SMS centers

Introducing SMS over IP, Multi-device SMS and forking and fallback to SMS from RCS is made much easier. EMe will enable these services with impacting your existing SMS solution.

Reduce TCO

EMe is a state of the art Virtual Network function designed for the Telco-cloud. EMe VNFs are light and efficient and can be deployed on many different combinations of cloud software and hardware.