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Multimedia Telephony Application Server

The Ericsson Multimedia Telephony Application Server (MTAS) is a high-performing carrier class application server for voice and multimedia applications providing cost efficient services for next generation mobile and fixed networks. It provides superior energy efficiency, capacity, scalability, reliability and foot-print by utilizing state of the art technology.

The product supports all legacy telephony services as well as next generation services like multi-device applications, multi-media services over multiple accesses like mobile 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and fixed accesses. This makes an excellent start to replace legacy networks, introduce Voice over LTE as well as building an excellent foundation to offer a service evolution for next generation end user services.

MTAS includes several application servers (AS) roles to support consumer as well as enterprise voice and multimedia services. The following AS roles are supported:

  • Multimedia Telephony AS, MMTel AS, supporting both 3GPP compliant supplementary services as well as additional valuable services not yet defined by 3GPP. Also multi-device services are natively supported as well as a northbound service API that enables an operator to build own value added services. This makes it an excellent AS to offer a service evolution to end users.
  • Service Centralization and Continuity Application Server (SCC-AS) supporting IMS Centralized Services (ICS) as well as service continuity for subscribers moving from VoLTE to 2G/3G coverage.
  • SIP Trunking AS that makes it possible to interconnect PBX’s with a common numbering plan.
  • Interworking AS is for signalling interworking towards some legacy equipment limitations such as pre-condition, BP Communication Interworking Function NW AS.
  • Business Line AS is for Business Line services.

MTAS can be deployed in combinations of the above AS-roles as well as stand-alone AS’s.

The product can be deployed on traditional telecom optimized hardware as well as in virtualized deployments based upon 3rd party hypervisors and 3rd party HW, or OpenStack based Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment, which gives smoother deployment and improved TCO.


Sustain revenue with first-line Mobile communication

It is a key enabler to roll out voice and video over LTE based on IR.92 and IR.94 specifications. Mobile Telephony evolution becomes easy and we have a long track record of VoLTE networks deployed in commercial service around the world.

Fast launch and smooth evolution for IN services in VoLTE

In order to speed up launch of VoLTE, MTAS has IN support to re-use relevant IN services from existing IN based service layers. MTAS also offers a northbound API enabling service evolution of new services as well as multimedia services that legacy IN protocols cannot support.

Support for Wi-Fi Calling

It has support for WiFi Calling already in commercial operation in several networks. The built in multi-device capability is also an excellent base to enhance this offerings further over time to support enhanced capabilities in this area from the device industry.