Session Border Controller

The Ericsson Session Border Controller (SBC) is a product for virtualized communication networks, to guarantee security and interoperability on the border between IMS and other networks, both for signaling and media. The Session Border Controller provides one commercial offering for Voice over LTE (VoLTE), Voice over WiFI (VoWiFi), Video over LTE (ViLTE), Rich Communication Services (RCS), Interconnect, Fixed VoIP and Web communication solutions. It is built according to 3GPP and TISPAN standards, allowing the control and media plane to be located in different locations.

SBC is a merge of functionality that was previously implemented in three different products:

  • Session Border Gateway (SBG)
  • Web Communication Gateway, divided in NSDS and WA
  • Border Gateway Function (BGF).

SBC is a SW product that can be deployed on basically any X86 HW in multiple cloud environments, such as OpenStack, VMware and the Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment (CEE). SBC can also be delivered as a pre-packaged product including both SW and BSP 8100 HW. SBC is also certified to run on the HDS 8000.

To allow for a safe and cost-efficient migration, SBC can be used together with the installed base of native Border Gateway Functions included in Ericsson M-MGw and MRS nodes.


Cost efficient solution

SBC architecture has centralized control while the media plane is handled in traffic hotspots enabling low media latency and transmission savings.

OPEX savings

Feature richness for all needs resulting in significant OPEX savings. Many business opportunities are addressed with one product.

Fast introduction of changes

SIP Message Manipulation scripts make it possible to overcome SIP inconsistences between telecom vendors as well as introduce customized services and opportunities for innovation very quickly.