Ericsson Communication Accelerator

Ericsson Communication Accelerator (ECA), provides cloud based, 5G ready, advanced business communication services like VoLTE enablement, Contextual communication, IoT communication management for Communication Service Provider's business customers. The flexible APIs help Service Providers to incorporate 3PP applications and services to quickly enhance their commercial offering to business users. 

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Flexibility & Quick Time to Market

By using ECA services, operators can reduce time to market (up to 80%) to offer new features and services. These services can be offered either stand alone or combined with different use-cases for increased flexibility.

Cost Efficiency & Convenience

5G ready cloud based offering requiring minimum investments with pay-as-you-grow model. Capabilities such as self-service and automation to onboard and configure services.

Reliability & Reach

Ericsson’s leadership in managing large and complex networks under strict SLAs makes it a trusted partner of choice. Service Providers can provide reach through interconnects and have the possibility to leverage their existing customer relationships and network assets.

Cloud Communication to accelerate your business

To become the preferred partner for enterprises and business users, service providers need to quickly and proactively release compelling services on top of their network assets.

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