Mission Critical Applications

Mission Critical  Applications enable mission critical users, such as police, ambulance and others to evolve their communication capabilities from today's Land Mobile Radio (LMR) based Push-to-talk to advanced mobile broadband services. MC services are divided into Push-to-talk, data and video types of services, whose main capabilities and communication mechanisms are largely standardized by 3GPP.

Ericsson Group-Radio MCPTT is Ericsson's Mission Critical Applications offering, enabling LMR users a migration path to LTE, whilst retaining their existing operational capabilities for mission-critical group communication.

Group-Radio MCPTT further enhances group communication by introducing the real-time video, media sharing and other Mission Critical End User applications.

During the transition period of migration, Group-Radio MCPTT can interoperate with existing LMR’s until the latter are ultimately retired.

For end-user organizations, Group-Radio MCPTT offers an efficient way to execute LMR modernization, enabling the retirement of costly LMR infrastructure and release of associated spectrum.

For operators, Group-Radio MCPTT offers an opportunity to create a significant new revenue stream by addressing an existing high ARPU market, which today is served by private networks.

Group-Radio MCPTT can be deployed both on commercial and private LTE networks.

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New revenue

Create new revenue with Mission Critical Push-to-Talk solutions, on current high ARPU markets

Real-time video

Introduce real-time video and media sharing for better Mission Critical support

Reuse LTE for more

Enable Land Mobile Radio users a migration path to LTE

Critical broadband for public safety

Transforming critical broadband communications for public safety

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