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High Capacity Mobile Switching

Telecom industry is rapidly changing from native to cloud space which is raising the complexity and need for fully integrated end to end reliable solutions with high automation capabilities.
Ericsson High Capacity  Mobile Switching solution is addressing all these needs to enable easy, smooth, and fast transformation of the high capacity Mobile switching products from native to cloud space. The main objective is to speed up delivery , maximize the services industrialization , reduce delivery risks , ensure quality and lower TCO for customers.
This Industralized Target Solution is  pre-designed , pre-configured and pre-integrated  including e2e solution use cases available 'off-the shelf' as the baselined standardized scope mirroring most common customer projects. Automation capabilities and tools are offered to automate the solution delivery.
The solution is offered in three different NFVI configurations :
1) High capacity  virtual MSC-S/CTC with BSP/CEE
2) High capacity virtual MSC-S/CTC with HDS/CEE/SDN/EO
3) High capacity virtual MSC-S/CTC with HP/VMware/vCD  (For 3PP NFVI Local/global agreement applies)
Both Proof of concepts and commercial engagements are addressed with this offering.
Solution first generation is G1.0 which is released in Q1 2019 . Future generations are planned according to the Ericsson High Capacity Mobile Switching roadmap