Regulatory Products

Our regulatory solutions ensure you are compliant with regulatory requirements. In a cost-efficient and secure way we protect your legally mandated operations.

Ericsson has a solution for lawful interception to enable sales of Telecom Networks. The Ericsson Lawful Interception Solution supports telecom operators to comply with lawful interception requirements. Lawful interception is a legal requirement on most operators globally. The solution is compliant with requirements as defined by international standards.

The solution helps operators to provide information to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) which is used to fight serious crime. It is designed to intercept only a very small fraction of subscribers, based on legal authorization by LEA.

The key characteristics for the lawful interception solution are:

  • the interception is undetectable and is not affecting the subscriber services
  • the information is protected
  • the solution has a very high level of security

For further information, please contact your local Ericsson office.


The Ericsson LI-IMS (Lawful Interception - Interception Management System) is available to licensed telecom operators that have a legal obligation to lawfully intercept telecommunications on public networks. It is a centralized Lawful Interception system for mediation and delivery of the intercepted data to the LEAs.


The Ericsson LMISF (LI Mirror IMS State Function) is available to licensed telecom operators that have a legal obligation to lawfully intercept telecommunication services for inbound VoLTE (Voice over LTE) roamers, when an inbound VoLTE subscriber has roamed on to their network. If S8HR (S8 Home Routing) architecture is used between the roamed network (visited network) and the subscribers home network, then LMISF allows the lawful interception of the VoLTE service to be triggered in the visited network and output data to LI-IMS for mediation and delivery.

Related function: Serving Gateway (SWG), in the Evolved Packet Gateway (EPG), with the standardized function interfacing LMISF.