Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway

Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway is Ericsson’s key product to integrate the traffic from non-3GPP networks, both trusted and untrusted, into the mobile packet core.

Ericsson Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway is a fully virtualized network function, cloud and hardware agnostic, with a flexible deployment footprint. Ericsson Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway can adapt to different growth scenarios when mobile operators need to complement their LTE radio coverage by extending connectivity and voice services to Wi-Fi networks.

Ericsson Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway complies with 3GPP Rel 14 specification, implementing the evolved Packet Data Gateway (ePDG) and Trusted Wi-Fi Gateway (TWAG) network functions.

Wi-Fi Mobility Gateway is a well established product, with nearly 40% market share, appreciated by its high-capacity performance, n+1 resilience and security hardened features.