Identity Manager

The cloud-native identity manager enables service providers to become trusted identity providers, Ericsson Identity Manager performs centralized authentication, authorization, and user profile management.

Identity Manager is fully developed based on cloud-native principles, with software architecture based on microservice technology and a common development framework across a portfolio of products. The solution is deployable as containers on either bare metal or virtual machines and is fully stateless. with separation of business logic and data storage. Identity Manager’s functionality is based on the Ericsson Composition Engine’s identity and access management (IAM) value pack.



Service provider as identity provider

Leveraging Identity Manager, service providers will have the ability to offer trusted identities as identity providers, allowing them to improve customer experience, increase take-up of new services, and reduce calls to customer care in relation to forgotten passwords.

Advanced access management

Service providers will be able to deliver single sign-on (SSO) based on interoperable OpenID Connect and advanced authentication using a flexible authenticator framework. (Multi-factor authentication is supported to elevate the Level of Authority).

Privacy concerns addressed

Service providers using Identity Manager will have the ability to offer user data with consent to external service providers. This is achieved by obtaining user consent once, whereafter the consent can be used by multiple applications on different devices. (Examples include billing/account information, user profiles, and other attributes).