Identity Manager

Identity Manager is the new cloud native identity manager and provides the operator the ability to become a trusted Identity Provider. Identity Manager performs centralized Authentication, Authorization and User Profile Management. 

As mobile devices have become a predominant part of our lives, telecommunication operators see an opportunity to extend their use beyond providing voice and data services to providing identity services for both their partner applications and core services. To do this, the operators need a platform that can support easy and secure delivery of these services.

Identity Manager is fully developed based on cloud native principles, with a SW architecture based on micro service technology, with common development framework across portfolio of products, deployable on containers on bare metal or VMs and fully stateless with separation of business logic and data storage.

Identity Manager functionality is based on the Identity & Access Management Value Pack of the Composition Engine product.



The operator as an Identity Provider

Operator offers trusted identities as Identity Provider. A single identity to access the all operator services/offerings improves customer experiences, increases take up of new services and reduces calls to customer care in relation to forgotten passwords.

Advanced access management

Provide Single Sign On (SSO) based on interoperable OpenID Connect and advanced authentication means using a flexible authenticator framework. Multi-factor authentication is supported to elevate Level of Authority (LoA).

Addressing privacy concerns

Offer user data with consent to external service providers. After the user gives consent once, the consent can be used by multiple applications on different devices. Examples are billing/account information, user profile and other attributes.