Cloud Core Resource Controller

Cloud Core Resource Controller is the commercial realization of the 3GPP Network Functions NSSF and NRF.

Cloud Core Resource Controller (CCRC) provides resource control in the network in an automated way, where resources include NFs, NF services and slices, with the purpose to maximize efficiency and reduce OPEX (ease of use, automation) and CAPEX (cost effective network), via an efficient implementation of NSSF and NRF in a single cloud native product allowing easy interworking with EPC and via a number of added-value features beyond 3GPP standard.

NRF supports Service Discovery function. NRF maintains the NF profile of available NF instances and their supported services, which it receives from NFs during registration procedure. NRF functionality removes the need for network configuration every time a new NF is added/removed from the network , or every time NF capacity is updated due to scale-in or scale-out, and by that it greatly reduces operational costs for operators.

NSSF is defined in 3GPP as the network function responsible to dynamically place a UE on the most suitable slice according to operators defined policies. CCRC provides a policy based realization of NSSF enabling the implementation of the operator policies for network slicing in real time based on NSSF user and network context awareness.

The Network Function Controller and the Slice Selection Controller are included in CCRC (Cloud Core Resource Controller) Ericsson product. They include the Network Slice Selection Function (NSSF) and the Network Repository Function (NRF). These two Network Functions have been recently defined by the 3GPP standard and they are new key elements in 5G Core (Stand-Alone) system. The NRF is the heart of the service-based architecture (SBA) since it keeps track of the status for service consumers and providers and control how to connect them. The NSSF deals with the slicing dimension allowing the right placement of a concrete service for a concrete subscriber within the 5GC network. The management of slicing in the network is a key new feature in 5GC.