Subscription Management

Ericsson Subscription Management solutions handle the access authorization to the network services for multiple user types, ensuring service continuity across different access methods. They support both legacy (2G/3G/4G) products and container-based 5G network functions, providing:

  • Subscriber data management
  • Mobility management
  • User security and authentication (SIM and non-SIM based)
  • Access authorization
  • Service authorization


Home Location Register Front End (HRL-FE)
HLR-FE provides subscription data management, user authentication, and number portability to 2G/3G network domains as part of Ericsson User Data Consolidation (UDC).

Home Subscriber Server Front End (HSS-FE)
HSS-FE, also part of Ericsson UDC, fulfils the central role of user data management in the 4G domain; in other words, Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and IP Multimedia Core Network Subsystem (IMS). Ericsson HSS-FE holds vital user information such as user identification, location, profile information and security information.

Equipment Identity Register Front End (EIR-FE)
The EIR-FE, also part of Ericsson UDC, authorizes access to mobile devices in 2G/3G/4G domains, preventing calls from stolen, unauthorized, or defective devices.

IPWorks, part of Ericsson UDC, manages the IT-Infrastructure, packet core, IMS, and Wi-Fi related solutions.

Cloud Core Subscription Manager (CCSM)
CCSM is the commercial realization of the 5G 3GPP Network Functions UDM/ARPF, AUSF and 5G EIR. It helps operators manage multiple user types (mIoT, eMBB, cMTC) through any access-type anchored to a 5G Core network as specified by 3GPP. CCSM uses subscription data (including authentication data) that is stored in CCDM and accessed via 3GPP Ndr.


Smooth evolution

Smooth evolution and co-existence of 2G/3G/4G/5G systems with interworking assurance:

  • Interworking functions are in place to assure service continuity and enduser experience when moving across different accesses and network domains
  • Support for subscriber migration scenarios


High availability

High availability and overload protection mechanisms:

  • The most advanced mechanisms for resilience and redundancy, both on internal and network levels.
  • Cooperative load regulation between business engine node/functions and subscriber data repository

Deployment flexibility

Deployment flexibility for network efficiency and operational cost reductions:

  • Virtualized or physical data deployment options for products in UDC, supporting both 2G/3G/4G and 5G NSA front-ends.
  • Dual Mode 4G/5G support in CCSM (UDM/AUSF/HSS/EIR) in one VNF with common O&M, common infrastructure, and common orchestration. It includes a common authentication vector generation function for 4G and 5G.
Our range of products
Cloud Core Subscription Manager

Allows Operators to manage user types through any access-types anchored to a 5G Core Network.

Home Subscriber Server Front End

Holds vital user information such as user identification, profile information and security information.

Home Location Register Front-End

Provides subscription management and user authentication to GSM/GPRS and WCDMA network domains.

Equipment Identity Register Front End

Controls the identity of the mobile equipment preventing calls from stolen or defective mobile stations.


Enables offering for the IT-Infrastructure as well as packet core, IMS and Wi-Fi related solutions.

Home Location Register

The primary database repository for subscriber information used to provide control and intelligence.

Flexible Numbering Register

A real time mobile telecommunication node for Ericsson´s GSM/WCDMA, CDMA/TDMA and PDC systems.

Authentication Center

Provides authentication vectors used in authentication and ciphering processes to the HLR.

User Data Consolidation

Enables customer-centric networks, simplifying managment of subscription data in networks.

Identity Manager

Identity Manager is the new cloud native identity manager and provides the operator the ability to become a trusted...