Equipment Identity Register Front End

The Ericsson Equipment Identity Register Front End (EIR-FE) controls the identity of the mobile equipment preventing calls from stolen, unauthorized or defective mobile stations.

The rate of mobile phone thefts and identity fraud has increased YoY around the world, mainly pushed by the massive adoption of smartphones, considerably affecting operators revenue and cost per subscriber.

EIR-FE is a solution to counter attack these situations protecting operator's networks and revenues and its investment on customers. It helps to protect the end user's physical integrity and identity by making phone theft business less lucrative.

EIR-FE is a UDC network element managing information about the identity of the mobile equipment preventing calls from stolen, unauthorized or defective mobile stations. It fulfils regulatory requirements being used in mobile networks to authenticate Mobile Equipment by responding network requests based on Black/Grey/Whitelist or Unknown designation.

It also helps operators to protect their investments in subsidized handsets and prevent from revenue leakage.

Ericsson EIR-FE is a fully-integrated part of Ericsson UDC solution, offering a harmonized functionality and hardware/VNF to the rest of the solution.

The product offers, apart from traditional 2G and 3G support, LTE and WiFi support with S13/S13’ interface, enabling the transfer of identity data for identification of ME and enabling controlling the access within a 3GPP EPS and 4G LTE network. The operator will be able to provide IMEI and IMSI enforcement on the LTE networks.

Benefits Links

Ericsson Equipment Identity Register Front End offers operators a number of benefits to protect and optimize their investments and safeguard their networks as:

Operator benefits:

  • Protect operators revenue by preventing malicious usage of network resources as cloned numbers or calls done from stolen devices
  • Protect operators investments on the customer by preventing subsidized terminals from being used in competitor's networks and consequently generating revenue to others
  • Enhance operators brand as the operator can position itself as doing the utmost to protect subscribers from theft and fraud consequences
  • Cost efficient solution with life-cycle, O&M and spare parts aligned to the majority of Ericsson Core products portfolio; e.g. UDC

Customer benefits:

  • Protect its integrity and identity by helping to make phone theft a less profitable business and blocking the phone access to the network

Other benefits:

  • It is future-proof and flexible to deploy the solution. The Ericsson EIR-FE is a high scalable and available product, that in the Front End configuration can be deployed in N+1 schema supporting growing operator's capacity requirements