IP Edge

Ericsson IP Edge routers deliver multi-form factor high-performance and extra-scalable gateways for mobile, fixed and Wi-Fi subscribers combined with IP/MPLS L2VPN/L3VPN and high-touch services for subscribers

The IP Edge nodes comprises the systems and functions that deliver a high QoE for the services that end-users demand. These systems are placed between the metro and the core or more precisely at the edge of the IP core. It is at this point in the network where a convergence of multiple services occurs.

Highly scalable Multi Service Edge Routing

Multi-million FIB/LFIB/RIB capacity with high routes and labels download rate

Outstanding BNG scalability and setup rate for all type of subscribers with in-line high-touch services

Tailor made in-house routing stack and infrastructure

Unified feature set

Single 64-bit modular network operation system – Ericsson IPOS across PNF and VNF products

Ericsson designed NPU family SNP-4000 optimized for high bandwidth processing with inline high touch services

Data Plane Abstraction Layer(DPAL) allowing to have a feature developing velocity and parity between hardware forwarders and virtualized forwarders.

Comprehensive and unified BNG feature set in SSR 8000, Router 8801 and vBNG products


Centralized, distributed, virtualized

Provider Edge and Multi Service Edge Routing with comprehensive IP/MPLS L2VPN/L3VPN services support on SSR 8000 and Router 8801 products

Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) for centralized, distributed and virtualized architectures on SSR 8000, Router 8801 and vBNG products

Smart Services Router 8000 Product family is Multiservice Edge Router with wide L2L3 capabilities optimized for centralized MSER/BNG architecture

Router 8801 is Multiservice Edge Router with wide L2L3 capabilities optimized for distributed MSER/BNG architecture

Broadband Network Gateway is Virtualized Network Function with flexible MSER/BNG architecture options (Centralized, Distributed, Cloud).


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