Router 8801

The Router 8801 is a high performance ultra-compact 240 Gbps router powered by the second generation of Smart Network Processor 4000 (SNP 4000), industry's first C-programmable processor running unmodified Linux

The Router 8801 targeting distributed BNG (Broadband Network Gateway), Distributed Cloud Gateway and Distributed Provider Edge applications with inline high touch services such as IPFIX for Provider Edge and CGNAT for BNG subscribers.  Router 8801 provides a very sophisticated subscriber aware and application aware feature in a scalable 1 RU form factor. Router 8801 is cost optimized for disaggregated deployment scenarios where the routing is decoupled from the computing, making it attractive for the next generation distributed cloud architecture.

Market unique hardware architecture provides control plane and data plane redundancy capabilities with fabric-based stacking technology allowing scale-up twice control plane and data plane capacity in same time.


Utra-compact form factor

Router 8801 is 1RU only platform that supports 240G FD and 128K subscribers per node with 600Wt average consumption and AC/DC PSU options.

Support for combined MSER and BNG deployments. Router 8801 supports mixed deployments with MSER L2L3 features (IP/MPLS L2VPN, L3VPN) and BNG functions for enterprise and consumer services in same time on the same node


Fabric stacking technology

Fabric stacking allows joining two Router 8801 chassis into a fully logically single node to provide double the control plane and data plane capacity and High Availability with intra-slot redundancy for all type of subscribers.

High-touch inline services

Support for PPP Termination Architecture (PPPoE, LAC/LNS) with in-line(on NPU only) termination

Support for Connectionless IP Sessions (CLIPS) with DHCP, Static and Non-DHCP(Packet triggered) initiation with in-line(on NPU only) termination

Dual Stack support for all type of subscribers with stateless(ND) and stateful(DHCPv6 Prefix/Address) modes

Inline termination of subscribers over MPLS services (VPWS,VPLS)

Advanced high-touch services at full subscribers scale (H-QoS, RSE, HTTP Redirect, PBR, CGNAT)

Hierarchical QoS capabilities with 5-level Rate-Limiters and Shapers

Hardware offloaded TM(Traffic Manager) with full queue support at maximum subscriber scale

Per session and per destination accounting with powerful RADIUS Service Engine (RSE)