Partner VNF Certification

NFV ecosystem is growing constantly and getting complex each day. New vendors are joining to this big ecosystem and new use cases are being created based on the needs of NFV users.

Ericsson launched Partner VNF Certification Program to support VNF/CNF onboarding and integration challenges of vendors and service providers. 

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NFVI R6.1 Certified Vendors

Ericsson Partner VNF certification lab environment is replicated from the target live production environment in...

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The Ericsson NFV footprint is market leading with 140+ service providers using the Ericsson NFVI platform. 

Ericsson is also engaged with the leading 5G operators in the world with 81 commercial 5G agreements or contracts with unique operators and 25 Live networks. 

This enables a great business opportunity going forward for VNF vendors to support 5G services for consumers and enterprises.

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