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Revenue Manager

Revenue Manager is a cloud-native, real-time, catalog-driven BSS solution for the digital future. It is 5G and IoT ready, enables omnichannel interactions and innovative ways to monetize new business across industries.

Use Case Examples:

  • Self-care customer onboarding. A customer can subscribe to dual device plan using iOS self-service application.
  • Personalized experience. With end-to-end catalog-driven business operations.
  • Customer in control. A customer can access their balance and usage, as well as change, augment and switch plan in real time online, with real-time response from the system.Customer can purchase services, devices, plans at once using the same shopping cart.
  • Monetize new businesses. Through adaptive business logic, an operator can do billing-on-behalf of a hospital and give a discount based on the insurance level that patients have (non-telco information), giving the operator the possibility to tap into a new revenue stream in a timely manner and do revenue sharing.
  • Utilizing 5G capabilities. An operator can monetize self-driving cars, by partnering up with a taxi company. We use adaptive business logic to configure support for the 5G network slice for the autonomous driving. The operator can also be a part of the passenger experience by using Revenue Manager for taxi metering, providing real-time charging and invoicing for the taxi ride.
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Ericsson Revenue Manager is a cloud-native, 5G and IoT ready end-to-end digital BSS suite that delivers an open architecture with customizable APIs. As a system built on cloud technology, Revenue Manager scales elastically to meet business demand. Real-time invoice aggregation allows operators, customers and partners to have up-to-date business insights in support of their decisions and actions. With a catalog-driven architecture which uses commercial building blocks, operators can launch new products independently in as little as 5 minutes. Revenue Manager enables differentiated services and inherently supports provisioning and pricing for these services. With the unique adaptive business logic capability, operators can monetize new business opportunities entirely through configuration. With Revenue Manager the DSP can put its customers in focus providing them a consistent, contextual omnichannel experience, secure 1-click purchases and virtual assistants to help reduce CSR interactions and costs.

With more than 200 charging and billing customers worldwide, Ericsson is your end-to-end BSS partner. With two billion subscribers supported by our world-class BSS offerings, we are helping service providers address new opportunities that demand the ability to send the right offer at the right moment.

Consider Ericsson Revenue Manager if you want to:

  • Speed time-to-market. Flexible configurability drives innovative telco and non-telco services to market quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Improve the customer experience. Provide in-context offers in real time, through the right channels, and charge for them immediately.
  • Capture new opportunities. Become part of the service delivery chain, not a cost center. 
  • Set a new TCO benchmark. Reduce costs with scaling on demand and upgrading in minutes.

Ericsson Revenue Manager is designed to provide a full solution suite for the modern DSP, however the system is open and modular to allow most flexibility possible in building a custom solution. Although, we believe deploying a fully integrated, proven solution such as Ericsson Revenue Manager is most efficient, a specific solution can be built on pick and choose basis around core components