Automated Remote Testing

Enabling service providers and device, module, chipset, and application developers to test their IoT solutions with real network infrastructure, the Ericsson Automated Remote Testing (EART) supports the latest features using leading-edge, automated remote capabilities. This enables service providers and developers to view, control, and configure devices under testing to measure their performance on different mobile network configurations.

Benefits of using Ericsson Automated Remote Testing

Ericsson Automated Remote Testing helps lower capital expenditures and operating expenditures by eliminating the need for building dedicated test labs and/or traveling to facilities to initiate testing. This also reduces testing lead times and increases revenue by improving customer experience, reducing churn, optimizing application performance, and raising net promoter scores.

Service providers and developers can test devices both manually and remotely in dedicated test environments  as well as schedule test case executions (for example, for automated test executions taking place overnight  or in other dedicated time slots).  Some test cases require user intervention, which we can emulate using a test rig with a robotic arm that points and taps on the device's screen.