Ericsson Automated Remote Testing

Ericsson Automated Remote Testing (EART) enables operators, device, module, chipset, and application developers to test their Internet of Things (IoT) solution with real network infrastructure supporting the latest features using leading edge automated remote capabilities. Customers can view, control, and configure the device under test to measure its performance on different mobile network configurations found around the world.

The service leads to lower capex and opex by eliminating the need for building dedicated test labs and/or traveling to facilities to undertake the testing. It reduces testing lead times and increases revenue by improved customer experience, reduced churn, optimized application performance and higher net promoter scores.

Customers can test devices manually and remotely in dedicated test environments, or schedule test case execution (e.g. automated test execution overnight, in dedicated time-slots).  Some test cases requires to user intervention, we can emulate this using a test rig with a robotic arm that points and taps on the device's screen.

Ericsson Automated Remote Testing  is accessed via a web portal through wich you can run your tests from any location at any time, on various IoT devices in different test networks around the world.