Device Analytics

Wireless connectivity gaps (lack of coverage, interference, congestion etc.) can severely impair functionality of IoT devices. Different application that runs on these devices have different priority, some requiring high bandwidth, some require low latency for instance.

In the case of roaming devices, such as vehicles, it often happens that no single network provider can provide a robust solution, so vehicles must reach connectivity by use of multiple operators along the driving path.

Ericsson Device Analytics is a solution for measuring of wireless connectivity performance from mobile devices of any kind and sort. The connected devices send performance measurements to a central database to which an analysis tool is connected, the EDA Visualizer. The collected data can be used for optimizing the network and for things like predictive mobility where the device can connect to the best network at any given time when roaming in order to secure service quality.

With usage of EDA, our customers can monitor IoT devices (e.g. vehicles, drones,…), and analyze how they are performing in different wireless environments (e.g. give vehicle OEMs an insight into how users use the vehicle and how the vehicle is functioning).


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Ericsson Device Analytics