Global Device Testing and Certification

With ubiquitous network deployments, current (4G) and in the near future (5G+), smartphones, connected-vehicles and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are becoming a core technology and global enterprises are developing products and solutions in many verticals.
However, there are many challenges involved in the process. One of them is being able to assure the product or solution can deliver the stipulated performance according to the needs in many varying radio conditions. For example, what happens to an application when the radio signal is low, or the latency is high? Is the application causing unnecessary signaling load on the network causing the service provider to turn off the service?
To test, cost-efficiently, smartphones, connected-vehicles and IoT products and solutions developed by enterprises and OEMs, Ericsson’s Global Device Testing and Certification services offers a Global Device  service which includes testing (in lab and on the field), verification and “white-glove” assistance with the required certifications for global deployment of such devices.
Global Device Testing and Certification
A “one-stop shop” for device coordination, quality testing, and certification to achieve compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards for market entry into new countries.
Simplify a Complex Process
Handles the global pre-launch process, reducing regulatory and technological complexity
Manage Risk & Product Lifecycle
Device quality testing indicates likelihood of successful certification in additional countries
Quality testing will secure the interoperability with different network’s configuration around the world
Facilitate Market Entry & On-going Operations
Speeds up the device certification process and decreases time to market
Reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for device management
On-going operational support and certification throughout the product life-span
Certification is the way to show compliance to regulatory and industry standards and  requirements in order to sell or  distribute a product in a specific country.

Device Testing

The purpose of testing is to sample the device’s behavior in the lab and on some of the most challenging networks worldwide.  Testing improves the likelihood of successfully passing all certification requirements.

  • Laboratory tests for application and antenna performance to identify potential problems prior to certification
  • Field testing can include pre-determined challenging countries and operators across a variety of cellular technologies 

Device Certification

A turn-key approach to certification, where Ericsson facilitates market entry of your device globally.  This includes:

  • Program management for all required approvals
  • Country, regulatory and telecom industry approval
  • Renewal process required for compliance

By monitoring the certification approval and renewal process we help:

  • reduce redundant costs
  • improve your time-to-market by streamlining market entry – in one country or globally