Digital Operations Excellence

Telecommunications companies have endured a challenging decade, with the industry subjected to a number of disruptions in recent years. The rise of OTT players accompanied by macroeconomic pressure have put operators’ revenue streams under pressure resulting in a flat trend globally.

As opposed to that, analysts agree that in the Network and IT areas the spending by Telcos is set to keep raising. Large-scale 4G rollout continues and 5G is expected to lead to sharp rises in capex in 2020-21, while a rising global trend in IT spend reflects the fact that such investment remains critical to supporting digital growth, with quality of experience and reduced costs at the heart of operators’ strategic agenda. Achieving operational efficiency is hence seen by the industry as a crucial step to gaining flexibility and agility, and to help operators freeing up budget to invest in transformation.

With Digital Operations Excellence, Ericsson is the ideal innovation partner that can support clients with an integrated and consistent Operational Consulting and Application Development and Modernization (ADM) services framework that will help CSPs to transform their Operations into more efficient business focused entities, by focusing on processes, tools, people, ways of working and service models and aligning them to industry best practices.