Enterprise Architecture and Strategy

Creating profitable growth is a challenge. Long-term success rests with a strategy that transforms user demands into viable business.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting guides you through the network, operation and business challenges that impact your bottom line, today and tomorrow.

Identifying and understanding end-user needs and meeting them with relevant offerings is crucial. Business model evolution, service innovation and introduction of new technologies also take on increasing importance. This requires a holistic approach that engages every part of your organization, which in turn rests on having the right strategy in place.

We have the knowledge, expertise and global experience to support you in developing an effective approach to:

  • business strategy and planning – defining business strategies and developing business plans with a focus on value creation;
  • marketing and service development ¬– understanding the end user and ensuring the right services are developed and marketed effectively;
  • network strategy and planning – to meet the challenges caused by business growth, technology evolution and cost-efficiency requirements;

With us as your partner, you benefit from our expertise when creating new business opportunities and ensuring profitable growth. Our contribution stems from:

  • our deep knowledge of the telecom industry and expertise on key industry issues, as well as a focus on creating value;
  • our unique capabilities and insights, providing a holistic approach backed by an established support structure and the capabilities to implement what is recommended;
  • results, achieved through a strong combination of hands-on experience, staff with both operator and consultancy backgrounds, and insight gained from working on hundreds of projects around the world.