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Connected Vehicle Testing

As the Internet of Things (IoT) transforms society, the automotive industry is leading the way with the adoption of wireless technologies. Consumers have high expectations for connected vehicles to seamlessly integrate with the rest of their life and demand faultless performance. Through the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Testing service, Ericsson is committed to providing automotive manufacturers services to optimize performance, enhance customer experience, reduce post launch operational expenses, and ensure compliance to network and regulatory requirements globally.
The Ericsson Connected Vehicle Testing service capabilities are supported by a global network of best-in-class testing facilities that enable automotive manufacturers to launch solutions with confidence.
The benefits of the service for automotive companies include:
  • Ensure interoperability globally across diverse networks.
  • Perform reliable testing on actual mobile network infrastructure rather than inferior simulation testing.
  • Optimized test plans based on field experience.
  • Access to the latest network features and services, often before commercial launch.
  • Efficiently manage diverse certification and compliance needs to launch in any country around the world.
  • Reduced time to market and after sales support costs through optimized quality assurance.
The Ericsson Connected Vehicle Testing solution supports the following suite of services:
TCU Testing: Assures the interoperability and optimal performance of the Telematics Control Unit (TCU) with the actual mobile network infrastructure found in different operator networks around the world to support commercial launch with the ability to replicate issues seen in the field to identify root causes and develop fixes.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Testing: Establishes the best location for the hotspot, optimizes Wi-Fi performance and minimises RF interference to deliver superior customer experience.   

Application Verification: Tests address quality issues within infotainment systems covering application functional testing, application responsiveness together with GUI look and feel testing. Quantifies application performance through key metrics such as latency, uplink, downlink, signaling etc.   

Live Network Testing: Test interoperability of connected vehicles and embedded electronics with different mobile networks around the world at speed on a test track using configurable Ericsson mobile infrastructure.

Security: Connected vehicle connectivity and application security testing covering remote wakeup, insecure firmware, local data storage, insecure web interfaces, insecure network services, insecure communication and insecure authentication. Test TCU per CTIA Cybersecurity Test plan in EDAV CTIA Authorized Test Lab (CATL).

Global Certification: Global connectivity and certification services are provided to support the global launch of connected vehicles. The service involves working to get the connected vehicle device components such as the TCU certified for commercial launch globally in any country and managing the certification renewals. 

Connected Traffic: In this test package Ericsson will test connected vehicles with connected traffic solutions from Ericsson and/or third parties covering Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) and network based Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V).