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Security and Risk Management

Security risks are increasing due to end-point vulnerabilities, complexity in critical network infrastructures and emerging cloud & application technologies with shared capabilities.

The emerging threats and business challenges can be met with dynamic deployment and adaptation of security functions, (e.g. network security, identity and access management, security logging & analytics)security analytics and next generation security management and orchestration.

Continuous protection is achieved with advanced analytics turning data into powerful security insights and actions, covering vulnerabilities, threats, risks, and fraud events. To ensure a quick response to any identified threats and anomalies, a high degree of automation is offered.

We provide solutions for building risk based, business optimal and trust-centric deployments of security and privacy for telecom networks including 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) balancing cost, usability, and effectiveness of security controls.

Our range of products
Security Manager

The Ericsson approach to Security ManagementOur approach? Automated, predictive security management that brings...