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Unified Delivery Network

Ericsson Unified Delivery Network (UDN) is a global strategic partnership platform that facilitates the collaboration between Content and Service providers together to create turnkey, value-added services.

UDN Overview What is UDN? Why use UDN?

Today, service providers have unmonetized OTT video traffic flowing over their capital-intensive networks where they get no fair share of OTT revenues. service providers have been cut out of the value chain by OTT services and being reduced to dumb pipes for several years now, facing a problem of increased CAPEX/OPEX while finding limited ways to monetize those investments. service providers are also losing control over their network as large content providers are aggressively negotiating with them to install their own private CDN systems at the network edge without regard to the value of that real estate. Service providers also lack the scale needed to compete against web players - alone, they are regional (national at best) - together, they can act "globally".

On the other hand, content providers lack global reach to end consumers to maximize revenues for their content and applications. They also lack relationships with service providers who own the edge and last mile delivery to the end users. Similarly, with traditional CDNs, content providers do not have visibility of end user consumption habits or the performance of the service.

UDN is a two-sided business model that connects the content provider ecosystem to the service provider edge. Today UDN sells Media Delivery and Video-On-Demand CDN services. We also sell Origin Storage for use with our CDN services.

UDN combines global CDN delivery with deep service provider edge delivery. The service provider edge grows every day and combining it with global CDN offload we have performance, reach and coverage equal to or better than global CDNs.

The service provider edge is supported by a private UDN network called UDN Core that is used for cache fill for the edge.

UDN is built architecturally different from the rest of the CDNs. This allows it to quickly grow its global edge footprint and provide powerful differentiation for content providers and benefits operators by enabling them to participate in the revenue flow for OTT. The three unique strategies UDN adopts to deliver from inside a service provider's network are:

  • Service provider edge - UDN installs and operates its software on hardware provided by a service provider that the service provider has deployed within their network and provided UDN with connectivity to it via the UDN Core.
  • Operator CDN Integration - We are integrating with operator CDNs via SEL/SNL interfaces. Their CDN runs different software than UDN, but via our integration we can deliver from their CDN adding significant capacity and reach for UDN.
  • Shared CDN - UDN is taking Ericsson's proven private CDN technology that was previously sold on a licensed or managed service basis for service providers and integrating it into UDN. This integration with a new business model, where the deploy infrastructure is supplied by the operator running UDN software, is used both for the service providers own content delivery (where the service provider pays UDN a reduced rate for delivery) and by UDN content providers (where UDN shares the associated revenue with the shared CDN service provider).

Today, traditional CDNs are focused on the core business of shifting video traffic. These CDNs are sold to content/video providers and little or no revenue is distributed back to the service providers whose network the content is being delivered across. Also, CDNs are typically a black-box for both content and service providers. UDN brings a different approach to content Delivery:

Access to Last-Mile Delivery: UDN leverages the networks of our service provider partners to build-out a leading, global, content delivery network.

Enable Operator-Centric Services: UDN makes available operator-centric services to all content providers regardless of size.

Bring Transparency to content Delivery: UDN provides true end-to-end transparency and actionable insight from content origin to service provider network, and finally, to delivery on the device.

UDN brings a novel approach to content delivery - by building meaningful partnerships with service providers, creating an ecosystem between content & service Providers and opening the platform through analytics, dashboards and reports.

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