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Connectivity Management

Turn the challenges of M2M into opportunities

Connectivity management is one of primary services of the Ericsson IoT Accelerator. Connectivity Management is a cloud service enabling operators to offer connectivity management to their enterprise customers. It supports operators in building up IoT solutions from device connection to the deployment of enterprise services.

With over 30 operator customers and over 3000 enterprise customers across more than 100 countries and 14 million connected devices, Ericsson is a market leader in the Connectivity Management domain.

For business' and enterprises to realize the full potential of innovation on a global scale and reap the benefits of a compelling IoT service experience, three requirements need to be fulfilled:

  • Communication services that are easy to buy and use
  • Connectivity management solutions that match the needs of industry use cases
  • Visibility and manageability of every IoT device in real-time

For more information - Download the Ericsson Connectivity Management Solution Brief

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The Connectivity Management ecosystem of operators allows enterprises to start locally and grow business globally step-wise by tapping into the existing operator network. It handles multi-domestic connectivity, which means that the enterprise only interfaces to one selected operator, the lead operator. The lead operator taps into the present ecosystem or joins forces with new operators as required by the enterprise.

With real-time cost control enterprises can join the fast-paced development of the IoT with minimal investment – at minimal risk.

In addition to Connectivity Management Ericsson are committed to assisting operators’ sales and marketing teams go to the market and to secure deals. Our proven go-to-market program includes everything the operators’ sales and marketing force needs. Working with many operators around the world, we share best practices highly relevant to win business.

To further grow the business and increase the value of the offering we:

  • Support operators to onboard more enterprises by leveraging enterprise customer relations of our strategic partners.
  • Enriching operators offering with pre-integrated solutions of M2M ecosystem partners.
  • Lowering the acquisition costs for new customers using trial kit capabilities.
  • Ensuring short time to revenue by managing the quality and performance of the M2M offer with Ericsson M2M Device & Application Verification Service

Go-to-market program

In addition to a great product offering, operators must be ready to meet the business-critical requirements to ensure success. Working with many operators around the world, we share proven best practices highly relevant to meet success and provide the sales and marketing collaterals needed to win business.

Local sales development support

After the initial setup and launch, we provide local sales development support, assisting the operator in the efforts to sell M2M connectivity to enterprises including e.g. value based selling and lead generation activities.

Ericsson Connectivity Management is a dedicated M2M / IoT service to handle connectivity – and subscription management as well as OSS/BSS during the complete device lifecycle. For enterprises, the core value comes from more efficient business processes:

  • Real-time overview and control – view and manage all devices in one tool
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) driven connectivity
  • Diagnostics and security on device-level
  • Automation of business processes
  • Pay-as-you-grow business models paired with an automated on-boarding process and efficient integration options. Boost time to market for IoT services, both for the operator and its customers.

The platform offering comprises:

  • Basic Connectivity Management functionality delivered as a service from our production sites including hardware, software and appropriate licenses
  • Service portals and APIs for operators and enterprises to manage business processes
  • Solution analysis providing advice to the operator based on its environment
  • Solution analysis providing advice to the operator based on its environment
  • Training packages for the operator