NR Radio Access Network

NR Radio Access Network brings the latest software for Ericsson Radio System 5G networks. 

Ericsson's 5G NR RAN is part of Ericsson Radio system and a vital component of our 5G Platform. NR RAN encloses a future-proof software offering, co-existing with LTE and smoothly preparing the migration from LTE to NR. The first commercial release enables operators to turn on 5G in commercial networks and to take the first steps with 5G capabilities and new applications.

Ericsson offers a 5G operation for global deployment with the initial 5G release. NR RAN is built for multiple bands and for the RAN Compute portfolio, supporting Non-standalone as well as Standalone deployments. NR RAN can be remotely installed on existing Ericsson Radio System radios.


Ready for the future

Re-using installed base for NR

Wide coverage

Complement with nationwide low-band NR coverage

Software installation

Install NR remotely