Massive IoT Packet Core

Unleash your IoT business potential with Ericsson Massive IoT Packet Core!

Ericsson Massive IoT Packet Core provides a single virtual EPC overlay designed for massive-IoT use cases, industrialized lifecycle of network functions, defined and tested product migration paths, and automation for faster deployments and more efficient operations. We have simplified ordering flow of a unified product so you can have it in a record time. 

Ericsson Massive IoT Packet Core brings advanced support for NB-IoT and Cat-M, market-leading capacity and unique security functionality for protection against threats such as DDoS-attacks.

Ericsson partners with all major chipset vendors to enable delivery of pre-tested software for smooth integration. 

Shortened time-to-market is achieved through continuous delivery and deployment with autoconfiguration. Ericsson Massive IoT Packet Core is flexible, you can select a custom functionality list based on IoT use case needs.


Fast Deployment

The automated deployment process brings Ericsson Massive IoT Packet Core into service in less than an hour, which would have taken ordinarily a number of days to achieve manually.

High Capacity

More than 50 million connected devices are supported by Ericsson Massive IoT Packet Core in one single deployment.

This state-of-the-art density is achieved by optimized signaling and resource handling of massive IoT traffic use cases


Manage unexpected network disturbances and peak loads, and keep service continuity with advanced overload protection and load-control mechanisms