Connected Fleet

Ericsson Connected Fleet enables vehicle makers, resellers, and owners with new opportunities to manage and optimize their business to take the lead in a fast changing industry.

Commercial vehicles are increasingly being connected to powerful and feature rich backend systems. This industry transformation includes all vehicle categories, from passenger cars and light-weight vans to long-haul trucks and specialized yellow machines. Ericsson Connected Fleet enables vehicle makers, resellers, and owners with new opportunities to manage and optimize their business to take the lead in a fast changing industry.

Targeting both auto makers and independent aftermarket actors, Ericsson Connected Fleet combines end-to-end features available “out-of-the-box” with an open platform that enables service and business process innovation. A full suite of web tools supports daily operations as well as long-term planning and forecasting. Ericsson Connected Fleet is tailored for the Automotive industry, and powered by Ericsson IoT Accelerator.

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Fuel is the main cost driver for fleet owners. By monitoring vehicle usage and maintenance needs, a fleet operator can reduce fuel consumption and expenses.

Commercial vehicles lose money when not in use. Better control of vehicle utilization enables business owners to optimize the time vehicles togenerate revenue.

Vehicles are high value assets, and a rule engine monitoring real-time position and usage can alert stakeholders when irregularities are detected.

With Ericsson Connected Fleet, you can:

  • Reduce the cost of owning commercial fleets, by reducing fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance costs
  • Optimize the utilization of assets, by increasing the time a vehicle is in use and generates revenue
  • Improve operational efficiency, through detailed tracking of vehicles and workforce
  • Enhance safety by monitoring vehicle health and driver behavior in real-time
  • Ensure rule and regulation adherence, through reporting of vehicle emissions, driver speeding and hours of service
  • Enable new services and revenue streams based on exposed vehicle data and solution capabilities


Ericsson Connected Fleet is a powerful and flexible solution addressing business opportunities in the commercial vehicle industries:

  • Feature rich: Combines a wide range of powerful features from Ericsson Automotive and IoT portfolios
  • Open and flexible: Exposes vehicle data and platform services that enable customers and third party providers to develop unique solutions and features
  • Global delivery and scale: Supports high volume deployments and delivery on a global scale

Key Ericsson Connected Fleet features include:

  • Asset management: Vehicles, drivers and fleets are managed through easy to use web tools. Assets can be automatically provisioned through backend interfaces.
  • Vehicle health: Telematics data is reported by the vehicle, enabling fleet owners to continuously monitor vehicle status and catch any problems before affecting business.
  • Track and trace: Vehicle position and direction are displayed on maps in real-time.
  • Trip and event logging: Historic trips can be replayed showing events that occurred during the trip.
  • Driver behavior and eco-score: An eco-score is calculated based on the driver’s behavior.
  • Business rules and real-time alerts: End-users can define business rules based on real-time data. As an example, operators can be alerted if the vehicle enters or leaves a defined geographical area.
  • Analytics and reports: A powerful analytics engine enables end-users to analyze historical data and forecasts future situations. Standard, as well as end-user defined reports, are available.
  • Published developer interfaces: Third party developers can securely access vehicle data and build new applications and services.