Smart Wireless Manufacturing

Smart Wireless Manufacturing is the foundation to accelerate the 4th industrial revolution; transforming factories and plants with wireless technology (4G/5G). Secure wireless connectivity empowers Industrial IoT making intelligent automation possible and simple on a much larger scale.

To meet the global trend of mass customization and evolution into digital sites, manufacturing need to increase productivity and performance, and limit unnecessary human intervention. Industrial IoT and 4G/5G can cater both highly critical, real-time applications (robotics) and massive monitoring of assets (digital twins).

Before this time, wireless connectivity has not been able to deliver on the ultra-reliable communication required to fulfill all industry criteria. Now, factories are free to cut their network cables to acquire adaptive production. Enter flexible factories; where line changes are efficient and contributing workflows are optimized.

Our Ericsson Smart Wireless Manufacturing offering release 1.0 consists of:

  • Private LTE (Radio, Core, eOSS)
  • Grade of Service Monitoring
  • IoT Accelerator (off Prem)
  • Industrial value proposition and thought leadership collateral
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