Our Edge Cloud Platform facilitates a global ecosystem of service providers and edge technology vendors to bring the Internet to the customer. 

Edge Gravity Overview What is Edge Gravity? Why use Edge Gravity?

Real Edge Computing

Our Edge Cloud Platform facilitates the global collaboration between content, application, and service providers to deliver services meeting customer’s highly interactive and data intensive needs. By activating service provider’s networks at the edge, we can deliver a globally available edge computing offering for todays and tomorrows data intensive or latency dependent solutions.

Built with an ecosystem of over 100 service providers our Edge Cloud Platform provides a one-stop shop for service, application, and content providers to quickly enable solution offerings on a global basis. Our growing ecosystem of partners provides customers a convenient and known method for accessing edge computing services. 

On the other hand, content providers lack global reach to end consumers to maximize revenues for their content and applications. They also lack relationships with service providers who own the edge and last mile delivery to the end users. Similarly, with traditional CDNs, content providers do not have visibility of end user consumption habits or the performance of the service.

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Edge Gravity by Ericsson is a corporate entity owned by Ericsson as part of the Business Area Technology and Emerging Business unit. Its purpose is to create next generation solutions in the edge computing marketplace by establishing a global ecosystem of providers.

Edge Gravity establishes a global Edge Cloud Platform by connecting service provider last mile networks into a dedicated global Ericsson network allowing for fast deployment of new services to a global customer base. Together, this new ecosystem enables experimentation with a variety of technologies to determine optimal techniques for future edge computing services. 

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The edge computing marketplace is in its early stages and established companies as well as startups are looking at a variety of options in servicing their customers with new technology. With Edge Gravity’s global network of service providers, we offer a unique on-ramp to a global Edge Cloud Platform already in-place and operating with real edge computing solutions today.

Our company is exclusively focused on working with an expanding set of service providers in addition to new application technologies for edge computing solutions. Proof of concept is a key measurement for Edge Gravity enabling rapid trials to test various options for a broad set of edge computing solutions.

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