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Application Development and Modernization

Application Development and Modernization (ADM) is a set of service offerings provided by Ericsson to existing and new customers that address the maintenance, development and evolution of applications or application estates. Ericsson takes accountability for the operation, maintenance, development and, in increasing cases, modernization for the customer’s application estates. Through progressive evolution, we also help maximize the existing business application’s potential through rationalization and modernization solutions. In essence, "changing the wheel while the car is moving."

Ericsson’s Application Development and Modernization services address the key aspects of complex multivendor applications, systems and infrastructure management. The efficiency and accuracy of Ericsson’s service delivery is constantly monitored and tuned so that service level agreements are up held and business goals achieved.

Ericsson can help maximize return on investment, manage complexity and reduce risk by planning and executing applications and systems evolution. We can rationalize application portfolios to fit business needs. By managing the technology and the vendor ecosystem, risks are minimized, leaving time and resources available to focus on the front-end business.


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