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Business Process Operations

Managing and meeting increasing customer expectations requires process-centric operations using service KPIs (S-KPIs) rather than technical KPIs to get a customer perspective of the services delivered.

Business Process Operations provides operations and management of one or more customer business processes (e.g. mobile top-up, mobile activation) and / or sub-processes with full accountability covered by SLAs and S-KPIs. The service offering comes with a service monitoring tool which is essential for monitoring processes and KPIs and problem resolution.

Ericsson’s service monitoring tool includes a dashboard with the status of critical processes using traffic-light color coding. It offers KPI-reporting and also drill-down capability to the underlying process elements (e.g application, platform, CPU) via the configured process maps for quick fault isolation.

Another key aspect of the Business Process Operations offering is the governance structure which will be implemented, including clearly defined roles and responsibilities. Each monitored process will have an owner who is accountable for the process performance.

Typically, the implementation of Business Process Operations starts with identifying and defining the key business processes / services and required KPIs together with the customer. The next step is to create a service catalogue of these services, a functional and technical architecture map of all elements (e.g. applications, infrastructure, data sources, interfaces) which are involved in each process. This information will be used to configure the processes and KPIs in the service monitoring tool and to integrate the service monitoring tool with the relevant data sources.

The organizational implementation involves appointing services owners and defining the roles and responsibilities for each monitored process. Once Business Process Operations is implemented, the process performances will be benchmarked and reviewed regularly to assess the trends in improvements.