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Data Center Operations

Data Center Operations includes the technology and facility-related operations, activities and services which support the projects and operations of a data center. Data Center Operations can be provided for customers as well as for third party data centers. The benefits are a scalable service and business-requirement driven commercial model with inherent flexibility and an OpEx-based model.

The scope of Data Center Operations will depend on the requirements of a customer and may include:

  • Hosting, managing and maintaining an entire data center (site management) or more discrete data center tasks such as upgrading servers or backing up data
  • Managing the servers, storage and network environment and the related processes
  • Installing and configuring equipment
  • Managing a back-up or disaster recovery solution, data storage, virtualization, SANs, IT functions and processes
  • Life cycle management, covering deployments, installations, maintenance, upgrades and support.

The service is covered by an ITIL V3 based service improvement framework to support continual improvement during the service lifecycle.

Data Center Operations may be augmented by other services from our portfolio. For example, IT Infrastructure Operations and Application Operations.