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Ericsson Hosting

As part of this service Ericsson provides the necessary infrastructure and acts as an Application Service Provider by assuming responsibility for the integration, around-the-clock operations and maintenance of customers’ solutions. The physical equipment may be located in Ericsson Hosting Centers, third party data centers or even at customers’ premises if this is necessary for technical, regulatory or legal reasons.

Hosting one of our solutions (e.g. Pre-Paid, Charging, VAS) offers customers a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution with Ericsson taking full responsibility for the service delivery.

The Hosting service includes all activities necessary to ensure a high level of service quality:

  • Day-to-day operations and management of the entire hosted solution and associated IT environment (e.g. business processes, application components and infrastructure equipment)
  • Management of end-customer problems arisen internally or through the customer care function
  • Trend analysis of response time, availability and performance to detect any deviation at an early stage and act promptly
  • Optimization of systems and services to ensure that performance meets agreed quality and performance levels
  • Patch management and capacity management
  • Management of additions and changes to systems, applications and services
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance
  • SLA measuring and reporting

The service is governed by Service Level Agreements based on performance indicators agreed with the customer.